Children’s Corner

Our children are the future of this parish and this is why we dedicated a section for them. They can come to play games and learn more about the faith.

The following are some great links for Catholic children. Have fun!

A great website for the kids representing a town where kids can enter the different houses, the Church and the Library, play games and learn more about the faith! For example, the school house has quizzes on the Catholic faith, the church has activities regarding the sacraments, and if you ‘visit’ the family homes, there are a variety of activities. Baby Grace has a book on the development of unborn babies in her room, Elijah shows you how to create a ‘prayer corner’, and Erin & Mary will show you how to make a spiritual bouquet, to name just a few activities.




An engaging website with many stories for children of any age. The heart is what matters. If you are one who likes stories that can help you to know and love Jesus more, then you can be like the disciples of Jesus’ time.





Play some games and have some fun with Marcelino. Your child will love the reassuring, friendly world that this webpage creates. Your child will have enormous fun whilst building independence on the computer.




Interactive Catholic Games are a great way to engage children to demonstrating their understanding of Catholic concepts and faith. Each of our Catholic games below is designed to combine the fun of answering challenging questions, with the truths of our Catholic faith.