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St Charbel’s Church Newsletter         

Saturday 19th August 2017:

7:30       Arabic Mass

2:00       (Wedding) Marc Charbel & Monique Peirce

5:30       (Memorial) Camille Kaissar Azzi from Jieh

Sunday 20th August 2017: 12th Sunday of Pentecost

7:30      (Memorial) Iskandar Saade Moawad and his wife from Sereel

8:45      (Forty) Nabiha Hanna from Blouza

10:00    (Year) Maurice Rizk from Mazraet Teffah

11:15    (Forty) Latif Rafqa from Kobayat

4:00      (Recent) Mariam Boustani from Zgharta

5:30      (Memorial) Raymond Safi from Toula

7:00       English Mass

Saturday 26th August 2017:

7:30       Arabic Mass

2:00       (Wedding) Joseph Sassine & Leila Nehme

4:00       (Forty) Tanios Elaro from Sir Dennieh

5:30       (Year) Youssef Jabbour Kairouz from Becharry

7:00       (Recent) Said Hanna Daoud from Kahel El Malloul

Sunday 27th August 2017: 13th Sunday of Pentecost

7:30      Arabic Mass

8:45      (Memorial) Marie Anne Chalfe Hadchiti from Becharry

10:00    (Year) Maria Moussa Lahoud from Bekaakafra

11:15    (Forty) May Assaf Rahme from Becharry

2:00      (Wedding) John Chidiac & Sandy Harb

4:00      (Memorial) Labibe Bou Kassoum from Ehden-Zgharta

5:30      (Memorial) Sammy Toubia Azzi from Jieh

7:00       English Mass

St Charbel’s Parish Activities:

  • Charbel’s Annual Barbecue will be held on the 7th October 2017. All volunteers who would like to help in the preparations are asked to contact the parish office. A reminder that raffle tickets are available for sale outside the church.
  • Please note, the first Australian Maronite Diocesan ‎Assembly will be held in November 2017, in Sydney ‎under the theme: “Strong in Faith, Growing in Love”. To ‎help prepare for this Assembly, all Maronites are invited ‎to complete a short survey by 15 September 2017, which ‎can be accessed online through maronite.org.au. ‎
  • The Family of the Divine Word invites you to attend a bible study on Monday 21st August 2017 with sister Rose Therese Tannous at 7:30pm‏ ‏at St Charbel’s Monastery. We ‎encourage you all to attend.
  • We pray for the deceased, their names are listed in ‘Kadishat Newsletter’, as we pray for all who worked  hard and supported St Charbel’s Monastery from the living and the dead; may their souls rest in peace.

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