Kadishat Newsletter

St Charbel’s Church Newsletter

Saturday 18th February 2017:

7:30      Arabic Mass

2:00      (Wedding) Hanna Nakhoul & Joyce Abou Zeid

5:30      (Year) Joseph Kaisar El Azzi from Jieh

7:00      (Forty) George Tedros Maroun from Bkerkasha

Sunday 19th February 2017: Sunday of the Faithful Departed

7:30      (Memorial) Chahine Chahine from Haouqa

8:45      (Memorial) Nabiha Hanna from Haouqa

10:00    (Memorial) Lamaa Sassine from Karem Sadde

11:15    (Forty) Angele Youssef El Khoury from Aslout

4:00      (Memorial) for the souls of the deceased of Tannourine

5:30      (Memorial) for the souls of the deceased of the Chidiac family – Becharry

7:00      (Memorial) Jamilee Ayoub from Kahef El Malloul

Saturday 25th February 2017:

7:30      Arabic Mass

2:00      (Wedding) Charbel Matta & Connie Ieroianni

4:00      (Wedding) Tony El Azzi & Zena Bechara

5:30      (Memorial) George Boulos Ajami from Toula – Jebbe

7:00      (Forty) Toni Attallah Habra from Jordan

Sunday 26th February 2017: Cana Sunday

7:30      Arabic Mass

8:45      (Memorial) Nassim Hanna Chidiac from Kahef Malloul

10:00    (Forty) Sabah Kassabian from Sebeel

11:15    (Year) Nazha Frem from Kfarsghab

2:00      (Wedding) Charbel Karam & Tania Xiberras

5:30      (Year) Mark Mrad from Tannourine

7:00      English Mass

St Charbel’s Parish Activities:

  • ‎St Charbel’s Parish invites you to attend a night of ‎adoration, ‎meditation‏ ‏&‏ ‏hymns ‎followed ‎by Eucharist ‎procession on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 ‎at ‎‎8:00pm, with ‎Rev ‎Fr ‎Tanious Ghoussain and St Charbel’s Youth. Everyone is welcome
  • The Sacrament of Holy Communion at St Charbel’s Parish will be celebrated on ‎Sunday 25th June 2017 at 2:00pm. For more information or to register your ‎children, please contact the parish office.‎
  • The Family of the Divine Word invites you to attend a bible study on Thursday ‎23rd February 2017 at 7:30pm‏ ‏at Mary Mackillop’s ‎ The topic is “Geniuses1:28 ” We ‎encourage you all to attend
  • St Charbel’s College would like to announce that enrolments for the Arabic Classes ‎‎201‎7‎ are now open. For ‎more information please call St Charbel’s College or Mrs ‎Fadia Aoun.‎.
  • We pray for the deceased, their names are listed in ‘Kadishat Newsletter’, as we pray for all who worked hard and supported St Charbel’s Monastery from the living and the dead; may their souls rest in peace.

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