Kadishat Newsletter

St Charbel’s Church Newsletter

Saturday 17th February 2018
7:30 Arabic Mass
2:00 Wedding of Tony Sarkis & Jacqueline Rando
5:30 Forty Day Mass for Mayez Youssef Saad from Tannourine

Sunday 18th February 2018: Sunday of the Leper Man
‎7:30 Arabic Mass
‎8:45 Memorial for Antoinette Greige Tannous from Kahf Malloul
10:00 Memorial for Lamaa Sassine from Karem Sadde
‎11:15 One Year Mass John Chalhoub from Achache
2:00 Wedding of Jason Elia & Nicole Rizk
5:30 Forty Day Mass for Genevieve Chahine Gebrael from Haouqa ‎
‎7:00 Youth Mass

Saturday 24th February 2018
7:30 Arabic Mass
5:30 Memorial for Diana Chaaya Nehme from Kfaryasheet

Sunday 25th February 2018: Sunday of Haemorrhaging Woman
‎7:30 Memorial for Najib and Angela Elias from Brisat ‎
‎8:45 Forty Day Mass for John Youssef Maaz from Alma
10:00 English Mass
‎11:15 Memorial for Badawi & Chahica Philip from Mazraet Teffah
5:30 Forty Day Mass for Mountaha Gerges Dahibe from Kfaryasheet ‎
‎7:00 Youth Mass

St Charbel’s Parish Activities
1. During the Season of Lent, Stations of the Cross and Liturgy will be held every Friday, 5:30pm in Arabic & 8:00pm in English. Confession is available daily 5:30pm at St Charbel’s Church
2. St Charbel’s Parish invites you to a Solemn Mass, marking the closure of the Maronite Year of Martyrs and Martyrdom, celebrated by His Excellency Bishop Antoine Charbel Tarabay on Saturday 3rd March at 5:30pm. Everyone is welcome.
3. St Charbel’s Parish invites you to attend a night of adoration, meditations & ‎hymns followed ‎by Eucharist Procession on ‎Wednesday 28 February ‎at ‎‎8:00pm, with St ‎Charbel’s Youth & Choir‏ ‏‎. Everyone is welcome.‎
4. St Charbel’s Youth Association organizes a Car Wash Fundraiser to support their activities, on Sunday 25th February 2018 at St Charbel’s College.
5. Caritas Lenten Appeal boxes are now available at the Church main entrance, to support the charitable works of the Catholic Church worldwide.
6. The Family of the Divine Word invites all members to a general election on Monday 19th February 2018 at Mary Mackillop’s Hall.
7. We pray for the deceased, whose names are listed in ‘Kadishat Newsletter’. We pray for all those worked hard or supported St Charbel’s Monastery; may their souls rest in peace.

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