Maronite Diocesan Assembly Survey

Maronite Diocesan Assembly Survey

After more than 150 years of Maronite presence in Australia, the first Maronite Diocesan Assembly will be held from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 November 2017, in Sydney. To help prepare for this Assembly, under the theme: “Strong in Faith, Growing in Love”, all Maronites are invited to complete a short survey. The survey can be accessed online through or you can collect a copy from your church. Please return the completed survey to any parish office by 15 September 2017.

إستطلاع الرأي للمجمع الأبرشي الماروني

بعد مرور أكثر من ١٥٠ سنة على وجود الموارنة في اوستراليا، سوف يعقد ولأول مرة المجمع الأبرشي الماروني من الجمعة ٢٤ إلى الأحد ٢٦ تشرين الثاني ٢٠١٧ في سيدني.  ولأجل انجاح هذا المجمع، تحت عنوان: “نزداد في الإيمان… ننمو في المحبة”، نرجو من جميع أبناء وبنات الكنيسة المارونية الإجابة على إستطلاع الرأي  (survey)الموجود على مداخل الكنيسة أو المتوفر عبر الانترنت على وإعادته إلى مكتب الرعية قبل ١٥ أيلول ٢٠١٧، وشكراً.

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Stories shared by young people from St. Charbel’s iSeek!

“Seek Me and Live” are the words of God to the Prophet Amos, and in a way represent everything Christianity is about. Five years ago, iSeek started here in the parish with the aim of bringing young people together, to seek God and celebrate our Catholic identity. It was based on the simple idea that young people have a great capacity to know and encounter Christ and bring His light into the world. Last week, we came together to remember and celebrate the memories made over the last five years. In a way, it was like a family celebration; because that is what we have become – a family (which always has an extra seat at the table). God has done incredible things through iSeek, and we are nowhere near the finish line! We recommit ourselves to exploring the incredible gifts He has in store for us, and we hope you can join us for the journey. ~Anthony Ndaira

See you on every second Tuesday at 7.30pm at the Mary MacKillop Hall. 

Click this link for more info about iSeek