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“Let the children come to me.”
~Luke 18:16


The Fersen is a mission run by an enthusiastic group of youth, who have a sincere passion for sharing the faith with our future parishioners. The name “Fersen Al Adra” originates from Lebanon, from where the mission began, and translates to “Knights of Mary”, who is entrusted with the patronage of the Fersen. From its humble origins over 50 years ago in a small village in northern Lebanon, the Fersen has spread to become a worldwide mission, bringing Jesus to children.

St Charbel’s Fersen has 100 children who attend weekly. For 25 years, the Fersen has continued to grow and become  one of the most active movement for children and young people in the parish.

Our annual theme for 2017 is “Called to Love”.

Children from Kindergarten to Year 8 gather each week, to learn about the Maronite Catholic faith and values, the foundations of the Church and the Holy Bible. We do all this while reflecting on what it means to be a “Knight of Mary and Soldier for Christ”, as our anthem calls us to.

In addition to the weekly lessons, a number of activities are incorporated into the Fersen program to help nurture the overall well-being of each young Knight. The activities and events of the Fersen are wide ranging. The most spiritual event is the Fersen Promise, where the children renew their “yes” to the Lord. Fersen also organises spiritual retreats for children, BBQ’s, sports days, picnics, camps, and other social outings. Other events or celebrations revolve around special days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas.


Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm
Date: Every Saturday
(Except during school holidays)
Classes: Kindergarten to Year 8
Venue: St. Charbel’s Church

Chaplain: Fr. Maroun Youssef
Coordinator: Rebecca Chedid
Vice-Coordinator: Christine Gereij

So come along and join us in bringing together the future parishioners of St Charbel’s Community in the love Jesus Christ.

For more information, contact a Fersen leader or the parish office on 9740 0998.


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