St Charbel’s Arabic Choir

“Singing well is praying twice”~ St. Augustine

When you are singing with your entire self – mentally, physically and spiritually, many of the senses are experienced at the same time with the prayer. You are not just thinking the prayer – you are feeling, hearing, and in a way touching the prayer through the words and the sounds that you make through song.

The Arabic Choir views singing together as a form of prayer where they join their voices and talents to praise the Lord. Conducted by Fr Maroun Youssef, St Charbel’s Choir serves Sunday masses, performs Christmas Carols and celebrates liturgical ceremonies and feast days at the Parish and in the Diocese when needed.

All parishioners with singing or musical talents are encouraged to join the choir. Rehearsal times are on Tuesday at 8.00 pm.

Time: 8:00pm
Date: Every Tuesday
Conductor: Fr. Maroun Youssef

For more information, please contact Fr. Maroun Youssef at the Parish office 9740 0998.