Sodality of Immaculate Conception (Al Akhawyet)

The Sodality of Immaculate Conception was started by St Dominic Savio on the 8th of June 1856 and the aim of the Sodality was: “To obtain the aid of the great Mother of God in life and at the hour of death”. To this end, St Dominic Savio proposed two means:

  1. To practice and to spread devotional practices to Our Lady.
  2. To receive communion frequently.

St Charbel’s Sodality of Immaculate Conception is an active parish group that regularly organises spiritual and social events. These include pilgrimages, masses, picnics, charity fundraisers and social gatherings.

The Sodality celebrates mass every Friday at 6:00pm. The mass is preceded by the Rosary, spiritual readings and a discussion on Catholic doctrine and devotion.

Time: 5:00pm
Date: Every Friday

Chaplain: Fr. Anthony Tohme
Coordinator: Mr. Moussa Barbar

For more information, please contact Mr. Barbar Moussa or Fr Anthony Tohme at the Parish office on 9740 0998.