Faith and Light

The Faith and Light committee promotes and fosters a co-operative spirit amongst our brothers and sisters with special needs, their families, their carers and members of the community.

Their mission is to reach out and look after people with special needs, spiritually and socially within the Parish, and to provide a means of liaison and interaction between parents, children and community.

Faith and Light holds different spiritual and social events throughout the year, that involve prayer and fun activities, with the main aim of bringing the feelings of enjoyment and inclusion to our brothers and sisters with special needs. Events include the sacrament of the First Holy Communion for children with special needs, Easter Mass and Barbecue, the Faith and Light International Day, as well as many other spiritual and leisure activities that promote a spirit of compassion and openness in our Parish, reminding us that we are all members in the Mystical Body of Christ.

For more information about Faith and Light, please contact the Parish Office on 9740 0998.